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I write stories that sell stuff. I am also a professional photographer, and I write fiction under the pseudonym, Bellakentuky.

297 Flabby Words and Phrases That Rob Your Writing of All Its Power

This is worth some consideration writer friends…

Feel Good and Fail Big

I enjoyed this article. Author friends… I think you will too. 

The Banality of the Belgians

Amazing color photography of Morocco by Belgian photographer, Harry Guyaert.

Street Photography Funny Shot Part-1

A snappy tune and some great #street #photoigraphy makes for an entertaining 2:30 - enjoy!

Before they Pass Away

Beautiful portraits of disappearing tribes from around the world.

Apple iPhone Photos That Rock!!

I’m telling you folks- this is a great photography blog! Popgun has done it again. This time they’re blogging about the iPhone’s impact on photography. The images are stunning. It’s really amazing how the camera phone has become such an important tool for documenting our world. We wonder if someday- it may be the main tool??

Edit #video in #photoshop? Wow!

Deep In A Dream

I’m always interested in new ways that photographers find to express themselves. These images are sensual and mysterious, yet, they were derived from an everyday moment that you and I might walk right past without even noticing. #Love #Photography that #inspires such as this.

11 Weird and Awesome Photo Facts

Hi Kent!

Your website recently came to my attention as a part of my search for quality photography blogs. I really like your blog! Great work!

I thought you might be interested in an info-graphic we’ve recently created titled “11 Weird and Awesome Photo Facts”.

This fun and engaging info-graphic tells the history of some unusual photography facts - give it a read you might be surprised what you learn (and hopefully you’ll get a laugh out of it as well).

If you like this infographic and want to share it with your readers, please feel free to do so. You can find it here: The only thing that we ask in return is that you link back to in some way from your post. You can also get a direct link to the infographic image here.

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Tammy Sexton

Thanks Tammy.

Innovative technology allows for close encounters with wild animals

We’re not sure about the cost of this device. But the blog is worth reading just to see these ULTRA cool photos! Check out the hippo charging. Yikes!